I will raise my justice

You think I don’t miss you! I don’t miss you!

I wish I can!

I wish I can win the battle once and for all, silence all whispers, push those thoughts to the front line

then I aim then I slaughter

Sumin all my army, my soul, my mind, my tiny instincts

and that deceitful heart even those emotions that makes me flutter.

I’ll scream out while holding my Bridle and declare my astonishing withdrawal from all of you.

You can come to the field solo, equipped with your enchanting blue azure,

and the redness on your cheeks

You can come to the blooded ground with that sweet mouth That sweet face like rose leek, that sore lips,

with the black star on your chin.

I wish you can just come, and I promise I ll break into your forces

I will sword fight your Beauty that makes me breathless,

I ll knock down your presence with my armor

And I ll raise my justice; I will raise my justice,

while the edge of my blade touches your skin, I ll raise my justice,

I ll defeat your memories, burn it and win.

I ll invade your soul mind and heart and get between your skin You can smile like I won’t Stab your stony heart

You can cry, as you loved me from the start

Moan, sigh, cough blood, loose conscious, scream, tear, speak of love like you had conscious, Crawl back,

take my broken heart as your own crutch, stand, talk, attack, fight, so I can show you what’s Obnoxious

Go a head out smart me, left up your hands for the hidden archery Scream out for the troops and headquarters,

bring out Sparta,

Yet I ll face them all alone, with a smile on my face,

with your love as a shield till its torn.

I’ll be the OCD sadistic freak; I ll get pleasured out pain

I’ll open my arms to the fired arrows with fain

Tonight I ll be the sadistic freak

I’ll shatter my feeling,

I’ll face your infantry

I’ll shade blood, pain, sweat, and tears till there is no we

Tonight I ll be the sadistic freak Tonight I ll clash my Titan Tonight I ll raise my justice Tonight I ll face you


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